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Football Fever at Monkey World

While Harry Kane and co are busy preparing for England's World Cup semi-final, an altogether different type of football game is going on at Monkey World, Dorset.

The England team may not have much to fear from these footballers, as the bachelor chimpanzee group at Monkey World, better known as the “hooligans” of the park, enjoy creating a ruckus with the footballs, rather than fancy footwork.

The sanctuary recently received a donation of 26 footballs, which were seized by Dorset County Council’s trading standards as part of an investigation into a company selling faked football signatures. Rather than them going to waste, Neil Martin, Principal trading standards officer, contacted Monkey World to see if they could be put to good use. He said “we are delighted the footballs found a good home at Monkey World and I hope the chimpanzees get a lot of fun from them.”

The Dorset sanctuary is home to over 250 rescued & endangered monkeys & apes, from all around the world. Many of the primates have been rescued from neglect, abuse & unbelievable cruelty. At Monkey World, they have a safe and natural home with others of their own kind. Primate care staff work hard to provide a stimulating and enriching environment to keep the intelligent chimpanzees happy & healthy. Heavy duty toys are one such way to do so, and the 14 chimpanzees in Butch’s group had a whale of a time with the donated footballs- with only a small amount of foul play.