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It’s not just the gothic splendour that inspired the creation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which attracts groups to Whitby Abbey. Its site, high above a fishing port, has witnessed over 13 centuries of history. One of the most important religious centres in Anglo-Saxon times, the 664 Synod tackled the differing traditions in the Roman and Celtic strands of Christianity and established the date to celebrate Easter. Time, war and nature have all left their marks, including German naval shelling in 1914.

  • Take time to explore the visitor centre, where imaginative audio-visual displays recreate the medieval abbey and the Stuart mansion.
  • Get to know personalities from Whitby’s past such as the accomplished Abbess Hild and daring Civil War aristocrats.
  • Pause to enjoy sweeping views over the coastline and the famously attractive fishing port.
  • Admire the life-sized statue of a Roman gladiator in the restored mansion courtyard.
  • Adventurous visitors may wish to attempt the notorious ‘199 Steps’ from the town up to the abbey. Otherwise, take the coach.



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