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New Garden Tours at the Eden Project

Discover our range of new garden tours, each led by a member of our Horticulture Team.

Be inspired by Mediterranean regions from around the world, including our major new Western Australia garden, or experience the steamy jungle sights and smells of Malaysia, West Africa and South America.

Tours last around 60 minutes and are just an additional £3 per person (with a minimum charge of £60). 

Find out more about what's on offer:

The Rainforest Biome: Immerse yourself in the largest rainforest in captivity as you stroll through the steamy jungles of Malaysia, West Africa and South America. Plants and crops in the Rainforest Biome include bananas, coffee, mahogany and a range of epiphytic plants.

The Mediterranean Biome: Experience sights, scents and stories of the Mediterranean, South Africa and Western Australia. Journey from olive groves to flowers born of fire, heavenly scents to fallen gods, cowboys to cork, and ancient cultures to new futures.

The Outdoor Garden: Hear about how we are creating a National Collection of kniphofias, and the ever-changing plants within our herbaceous borders.

Fruit and Veg From Afar: Explore our Malaysian home garden and West African chop farm – learn what the locals eat, cook and grow in their gardens.

We also offer a range of seasonal tours, available during selected months according to what's in bloom:

Rainforest Medicine Cabinet: June, July, September and October
Rainforest Futures: June, July, September and October
Global Gardens: June, July, September and October
Bees and the Cut Flower Garden: June and July
Cut Flower Garden and the Apple Orchard: September and October