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Remembrance Concert

A Remembrance Concert featuring a packed programme of music and readings in memory of those who gave their lives in the First World War takes place at a Test Valley Museum this November.  Read more

Illustrated Talk at Museum of Army Flying

The heroics of the First World War's Air Aces come under the spot light in an illustrated talk at the Museum of Army Flying this October.  Read more

Spooky Superstition

An antique boot with a spooky supernatural purpose has been discovered, after being hidden for generations inside the structure of a house on the Beaulieu Estate. A relic of the superstitious days of old, a boot or shoe was thought to have warded off witches and evil spirits.  Read more

Santa’s Quiet Hour

For 2018 we've launched a new Santa Special: 'Santa's Quiet Hour'. Running during the late afternoon on Thursday 20th December, this experience will be tailored to our passengers on the autism spectrum and to those with other sensory needs.  Read more

William Walker Exhibition

William Walker the Diver (or Diver Bill, as he is popularly known) is something of a hero in Winchester.  Read more

The Wine Garden of England Festival

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE for the exclusive Wine Garden of England Festival at Rochester Cathedral, taking place on Saturday 17 November in the hallowed halls of Rochester Cathedral – the first of its kind in a millennium!  Read more

Autumn Bus Show and Running Day

Amberley Museum is hosting its annual Autumn Bus Show on Sunday 23rd September.  Enjoy an opportunity to ride the historic buses around our museum, with a wonderful display of our museum buses and visiting exhibitors.  Read more

Dungeness Evening Dinner

Dine in the unique surrounds of Dungeness courtesy of Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway.  Read more

Winchester Cathedral's Choir Performance

Yanamamo is an ecological composition, commissioned by the World Wide Fund For Nature to help us to learn more about the world in which we live. The Yanamamo is a tribe, the forest people, which has lived for thousands of years in harmony with nature. Things change and the tribe and rainforest basin are beset by the pressures of unfulfilled aspirations, poverty, greed and population growth in the surrounding countries. It sets out to illustrate the problems that exist in the Amazon Basin today, problems that are debated around the world.  Read more

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