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Shropshire Film-Makers Take to the Skies

Shropshire based film-makers Tom Middleton and Miche Parkinson, who operate as SMN Film, have been taking to the skies using cutting edge drone technology for a brand new film made as part of the new permanent exhibition at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre.

Middleton, a qualified drone pilot, and Parkinson have been making the most of the sunshine over the past few weeks filming at locations around South Shropshire including Clee Hill, Bury Ditches, the Clun river valley, Ludlow and the Stiperstones.

“We live in such a beautiful part of the world,” said Tom Middleton. “We travel and work throughout Europe as film-makers and it’s always a joy to come back home to Shropshire. It’s been a real honour to be able to showcase the spectacular scenery, stories and history of the area in this new film. We shot all of our footage using the DJI Inspire 2 drone, one of the highest quality commercial aerial cameras on the market. All the footage was filmed at a really high rate, 5.2k, which means it will look incredible when it’s projected onto a large screen.”

Narrated by Billy Postlethwaite, son of acclaimed actor Pete Postlethwaite who narrated the original film at the Discovery Centre when it first opened, the new panoramic film by SMN Film will be shown on the new big screen at the Discovery Centre from Monday 24th July when the refurbished exhibition space opens to the public.

Billy said: “Shropshire is my home but, more than that, its in my blood, I was brought up on its hills; in its valleys, woods and rivers, it's shaped every fibre of my being. Tom, Miche and Liz have done an incredible job showing us this landscape that we know so well in a modern and exciting new way, so it is a great honour to be lending my voice to this beautiful project celebrating Shropshire."

Miche Parkinson added: “We were delighted when Billy came on board to narrate the film, he’s a real rising star and in demand as an actor across stage and screen - we were lucky to find a gap in his schedule! Having grown up here, he’s familiar with all of the places featured. We’re really proud of the finished film and we can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

For more information on SMN Film, contact Tom or Miche on tom@smnfilm.com or miche@smnfilm.com Website - www.smnfilm.com

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