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A Magical Dreamland Visit

Our day at Dreamland was part of a quick weekend get-away to Margate, somewhere we’d not been before and had long wanted to explore. It didn’t disappoint.

Along with the glorious beaches, bonkers Shell Grotto, food and drink to suit every taste, vintage shops of Old Town, and impressive Turner Contemporary – Dreamland is the icing on the cake that makes Margate truly special.

From the original art-deco style cinema on the seafront it’s hard to imagine how Dreamland can live up to the hype, the detour down the ally and through the unassuming entrance does little to prepare you for the wonders inside!

A cacophony of colour and light is matched by the warm welcome from the staff as you work your way from wristband purchase to the rides outside. Dreamland has managed to restore and replicate the candy techni-coloured world as we imagine it would have looked and brought it up to date with all the comforts of today. Having worked out already which rides you can or can’t go on depending on your height, avoiding ‘little’ kids’ disappointment at not being tall enough was far easier than at other parks. On our mid-June Sunday visit we waited only a short time for the most popular rides. ‘Born Slippy’ produced so much giggling and shrieking that we had several goes. 

Beyond the big rides there are plenty of other things to entertain. We loved the Gorilla Circus show of aerial stunts, high wire, trapeze acts and the mirror maze was unexpectedly hysterical! The Roller Disco allowed me to relive my ‘80s childhood – the roller skates almost identical to my beloved Zodiac pair. The music was just cheesy enough and there was plenty of space to practice and not be spun off balance by the inevitable professional eight year olds. 

Altogether we had so much fun that we didn’t even need the arcade games. Our only disappointment was that the dodgems were not open and we could see other rides and the treetop bar being built. Perhaps by showing us what is still to come they left us wanting more – we shall be back.