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Virgin Atlantic Paper Aeroplane

London, 2018 - Having already mastered the art of aeroplane travel, Virgin Atlantic is now setting a flight path for success in a new field, as the airline attempts to challenge the record for the longest flight of a paper aeroplane – live.

The current record for the longest flight of a paper aeroplane stands at nearly 70 metres – longer than the wingspan of a jumbo jet. However, with aircraft engineering and help from one of sport’s champion throwers on its side, Virgin Atlantic is determined to rise to the challenge and avoid folding under pressure.

Previous paper aeroplane champion and Virgin Atlantic engineer Andy Currey has partnered up with Mark Brunell, former Quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Together, they will combine aeronautical design with throwing prowess, to (hopefully) send Virgin Atlantic’s paper aeroplane soaring. 

Quarterbacks are renowned for their throwing technique, perfectly balancing the physics of speed, strength and momentum. For this reason, the paper aeroplane’s fate rests in the hands of Quarterback Mark Brunell, who will be attempting to launch the carefully crafted creation as far as possible. 

Andy Currey, Virgin Atlantic Engineer, says “It's been several years since I held my world record, so I’m hoping my aeronautical knowledge partnered with the athletic abilities of a top Quarterback will make the perfect combination.

For the attempt, I’ll be designing the paper aeroplane with an A5 piece of paper, and transporting it in an airtight plastic bag to ensure that it’s nimble and perfect for a the paper aeroplanes longest flight. This sound design, paired with Mark’s throwing technique of speed, strength and momentum, should be just what we need to make the plane travel the distance.” 

The paper aeroplane, nicknamed NFL-Y, is scheduled to take-off live at 11:00am on October 24, 2018 and fans just need to tune in to Virgin Atlantic’s Facebook Page to watch the plane make its maiden voyage - live. As Virgin Atlantic is the official partner of the NFL London Games, fans can register their guess for how long they think Currey’s aircraft invention will travel at person who guesses closest to the distance will win a trip to the 2019 Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida!

For a sneak peak of Currey and Brunell’s tactics, catch our teaser content here.