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The Mall,
Waterford, Ireland
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Located on the Mall in the heart of the Viking Triangle in Waterford City, the House of Waterford Crystal brings a visit to Waterford to a whole new level. Visitors can witness the creation of crystal stemware, giftware and masterpieces right before their very eyes. Every year the House of Waterford Crystal factory melts down more than 750 tonnes of crystal and produces more than 50,000 pieces using traditional manufacturing techniques. The factory tour is a unique and captivating experience that is sure to enthral visitors of all ages, both national and international. The tour lets people go behind the scenes and see exactly how Waterford Crystal pieces are made.

On the tour, visitors first visit the mould room where they witness the mould making – a technique that has remained unchanged for centuries, as the Master Blowers shape the molten crystal flawlessly with the use of the wooden moulds and hand tools. The next part of the tour is truly magical, as visitors enter the blowing department where they see glowing balls of crystal transformed into majestic shapes as they are put through the 1300-degree furnace. The Waterford Crystal pieces are then hand marked for precision and accuracy, and they are then cut, sculpted and engraved.

While getting this behind the scenes sneak peak of this highly skilled method of crystal manufacturing, visitors also see the high standards that the House of Waterford Crystal has for each and every piece that leaves the factory. The crystal is inspected at each stage of production, so each piece no matter how small goes through six inspections, and if it fails to reach the Waterford Crystal standards at any stage it is smashed and returned to the furnace to be re-melted so that the piece can be started again. Some of the best known trophies and prizes around the world have also been hand crafted in The House of Waterford Crystal including the annual Peoples Choice Awards, the Solheim Cup, the Irish Open trophy and the Vincent Lombardi trophy.

The building itself has also played host to a number of events including the annual 1848 Tricolour celebration, fashion shows for Waterford Fashion Week, a cookery demonstration with Neven Maguire, a concert with soprano Celine Byrne and an FAI press conference with Giovanni Trapattoni. Recently awarded a Retail Excellence Award as one of the Top 30 Retail Stores in Ireland and ‘Best Tourist Attraction’ Award at the inaugural InBusiness Editor’s Choice Awards.  The House of Waterford Crystal really has something for everyone; the experience will capture the imagination of all generations, young and old.

The House of Waterford Crystal is also home to the largest collection of Waterford Crystal in the world. The House of Waterford Crystal is open to the public all year round, with guided tours available.