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Whether your group is looking to explore York’s social history, take a trip down memory lane or taste some of the finest chocolate the city has to offer, a visit to York’s Chocolate Story is an un-missable destination and a wonderful addition to any itinerary.

Perfect for groups of all ages, our unique and entertaining experience journeys through the history of York’s most famous chocolate-making families and their finest creations from the Chocolate Orange to the world-famous Kit Kat. Our fully guided tour allows groups to discover chocolate’s origins, how to make it and how to taste it like an expert.

There is so much to see, including live chocolate-making demonstrations from skilled chocolatiers and a host of fascinating chocolate artefacts. Visitors can even get hands-on and create their very own chocolate delights.

Once guests have explored chocolate-making and its history, they can shop for and indulge in the finest chocolate in the attraction’s café and shop. There’s so much to enjoy and discover at York’s Chocolate Story in the UK’s home of chocolate!

New for 2017

250 Years of Terry’s
The confectioner Terry’s is a company that can trace its origins in York all the way back to 1767. To celebrate the iconic brand’s 250th anniversary, York’s Chocolate Story will be hosting a series of special themed tours and activities over the summer holidays.

Thousands of people have worked at Terry’s over the last couple of centuries and the company has created some of the most iconic confectionary products in the UK. Visitors will be able to discover the unique stories of chocolate workers, as well as fascinating which chocolate fruit came before the Chocolate Orange and how the railways allowed a confectionary empire to grow.

At the attraction, guests will also be able to create their very own chocolate lollies inspired by the classic Chocolate Orange. The team of expert chocolatiers will also be recreating classic Terry’s flavours from the past.