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North Yorkshire
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You’ve probably read the books written by James Alfred Wight or watched “All Creatures Great and Small” on TV. Now come and see where James Herriot, the world’s most famous vet, lived, worked and relaxed. See his home and surgery in Thirsk; travel back in time to what life was like when James was a vet in Yorkshire. See the car he drove, step into the TV set, try your hand at being a vet and even experience what it was like to hide in a World War 2 air raid shelter.

There’s so much to see and do during your visit, including...
The 1940's home
23 Kirkgate which has been restored to its original 1940's splendour, allowing visitors to journey back and experience the life and times of James Herriot
The interactive Gallery

Try your hand at becoming a vet in our interactive gallery, and follow in the footsteps of James Herriot
The original Austin 7 car
View our wonderfully restored car - as seen in the original James Herriot TV series 'All Creatures Great and Small'
TV set
Get behind the scenes of the BBC series "All Creatures Great and Small" and step onto the set and become one of the cast members in the Herriot series
Herriot Memorabilia
The LARGEST collection of Herriot memorabilia in the world
Collection of Instruments
A 4000 piece archive show casing veterinary instruments from the past to the modern day
Feature Film
Enjoy an exclusive feature film featuring previously unseen footage and interviews
Great Gift Ideas

Stroll around our gift shop - we're sure you'll find something to suite everyone
Relax in the garden
Take 'time out' and watch the chickens
James Alfred Wight
James Alfred Wight, who wrote under the pseudonym of James Herriot, became one of the most popular writers of the twentieth century. His books, a series of stories based on his experiences as a young veterinary surgeon working among the farming community of North Yorkshire, sold in their millions throughout the world. Their great success spawned two feature films in the mid 1970s, followed by a BBC television series, All Creatures Great and Small, which enjoyed global success in the late 1970s and early 80s. Most recently a TV series was commissioned showing the life and times of James Herriot in his younger days. Alfred Wight died in 1995 but his books still sell, with an estimated total sales figure now in excess of 80 million copies, the television series is still played throughout the world. In 1999 Hambleton District Council invested £1.4 million and established The World of James Herriot in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Since it's opening - the centre has attracted over half million visitors worldwide. It continues to attract people far and wide, looking to get an insight into the life of Yorkshires best loved author.