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London Canal Museum is in a world apart from the city! On two fully accessible floors it tells the story of London's canals and of the Victorian Norwegian ice trade. It is ideal for groups as coaches can drop outside, and the varied exhibitions provide something of interest for everyone.

The museum tells two related stories. The canals have a colourful history. There are exhibitions about the way of life of the thousands who lived and worked afloat, living in tiny cabins, and about the way in which the horses that pulled the boats were cared for. You can step inside a cabin and explore it for yourself. Admire also the canal art style known as "roses and castles" for which the English canals are famous. Watch archive film of the working days, and discover the history of our home waterway the Regent's Canal, and of the boats and cargoes that it used to carry.

The second theme is that of the Victorian ice trade. Before fridges and freezers, ice was imported from Norway in large quantities, and brought from the docks by canal barge to be stored in two huge underground ice wells. You can look down into one of these and marvel at the ingenuity of our Victorian ancestors, who used imported ice to preserve food and also to make ice cream!

Ever So Accessible

We're one of the most accessible museums in London with lifts to both floors, plenty of handrails, accessible toilet, and an audio tour for visually-impaired visitors. There are no entrance steps and visitors with any sort of disability are very welcome. Coaches can drop off outside the door – as can boats.

Extras – Trips and Walking Tours

We can arrange a boat trip on the canal for your party. Boats are available to carry 12 passengers or larger boats for typically 40 or more. Many groups charter a 12-person boat that provides two or three trips during the day. A trip often lasts up to an hour and takes in a long tunnel but longer tours are possible too. A simpler and more economical enhancement to your visit is a guided walking tour on the canal towpath. It is a level route and only normal walking ability is needed. Additional charges apply for tours and trips.


We know your cup of tea is important so we brew it in a teapot decorated in traditional style! Tea/coffee/biscuits can be provided for groups with advance notice at a small charge.

Tours and Talks

Guided tours can be provided for special interest groups but in most cases we find an introductory talk from a member of staff works best, after which group members are free to explore what interests them most and ask questions of the guide. There is a minimum of 20 people required for this free service.